Gionee Case Study Karix 039 S Sms Solution

Karix's SMS Solution Helped Gionee To Track Fraudulent Sales

About Gionee

Gionee has grown rapidly, expanding its presence around the world by focusing on R&D, production and sale of cellular mobile devices. Gionee’s headquarter currently employs over 1500 people with R&D centers based in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou among several other places.

In less than 30 years, Gionee has grown exponentially, expanding its presence in South East Asia and India. Gionee products are currently on sale in several countries with exports reaching 1 million phones per month. The organization believes that their products should be as diverse as their users. It is their goal to be perceived as “a global provider of mobile and internet technology that is user-friendly, stylish, and wallet-friendly”.

The challenge: fixing fraud in handset sales

With an increase in fraudulent sales of their products, Gionee approached Karix for a solution that would allow them to track all new mobile handsets that were purchased. The high-tech enterprise also wished to obtain accurate data that would aid them in managing their distribution channels.


Karix’s SMS platform: The perfect match

Karix’s SMS platform served a dual purpose. The platform helped Gionee’s customers activate the handsets while tracking and maintaining a record of user detail and location.

How Does the Solution Work?

New Karix Gionee Inline Creative Desktop
New Karix Gionee Inline Creative Mobile

Gionee handsets are coded with specific instructions during the manufacturing process. On purchase, inserting a SIM would automatically trigger an SMS with user data. Gionee would receive this information on their VMN (Virtual Mobile Number) provided by Karix.
The SMS would contain the following details:
• The unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of the handset
• Mobile number of the SIM which is inserted in the handset
• Geo co-ordinates of the area where the handset has been activated

Besides sharing daily reports that tracked regular hits that would help them maintain a sales record, Karix shared a customized report by email that helped them track and stop fraudulent activations. The customized reports provide alerts for IMEI numbers which have been hit more than 5 times during every 5 hour period.

The benefits of implementing Karix’s solution

The Karix solution saved the day. Gionee was able to establish an accurate reporting process for their channels’ sales and nip fraudulent practices in the bud. Additionally, Gionee could use the benefit of geo co-ordinate information and provide area-based offers that are relevant to the specific target audience.

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