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Gamooga: Big data and AI Driven Marketing Automation

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Hyper-personalize communication across channels

Consumers today are bombarded with brand communications on virtually every possible channel available. This ensures that the communication reaches the consumer but doesn’t really occupy any mind-share. Karix enables enterprises to build 1:1 relationship with their consumers, at scale, that helps increase customer loyalty.

Feature-rich solution with real-time actionable insights

1:1 Personalization, Marketing Automation, Big Data Analytics – all in one Powerful Pack

Powerful Analytics

Powerful analytics

Gain real-time actionable insights on your user data with out-of-the-box analytics. Leverage those insights to develop intelligent marketing strategies for maximum impact

Omni Channel Personalization

Omni-channel personalization

Deliver customized experiences with unique product recommendations, dynamic content and personalized offers to users across online and offline channels

Mobile App Personalization

Mobile-app personalization

Build a strong app engagement strategy and drive customer loyalty with contextual push notifications and powerful in-app messages simply by pointing and clicking.

Massively Scalable

Massively scalable

Achieve 1:1 personalization at scale. Dare to move beyond traditional blast campaigns notwithstanding billions of data points without compromising on campaign launch time.

User Friendly Campaign Journey Builder

User friendly campaign journey builder

Build comprehensive customer lifecycle campaigns on a visual journey builder in a DIY model without ever having to depend on technology.

Sms Platform

Marketing automation

Automate all marketing communications delivered to your users across web, mobile, email, social and offline channels. Set up the logic as a one-time activity and lie back.

Built For Offline Businesses

Built for offline businesses as well

Empowers marketers to take optimum decisions by unifying customer click-stream and catalog data, based on massive data sets. Create holistic customer views and drive valuable marketing insights.

Optimize Channel Campaigns

Optimize channel campaigns

Take the guesswork out of campaign management, reach customers at their moments of influence. Leverage our predictive modeling to trigger communications optimized for each channel.

Key Platform Capabilities

Email Marketing

  1. User Behavior Triggered Emails

Convert site/app abandoners into customers by triggering emails based on their abandonment actions and the products they’ve shown interest in. Triggering rules need not be limited only to web or app events but may also be based on events from your internal systems such as CRM, POS, Call Center, Help Desk & others. Personalize the email content with user attributes, event parameters and predictive intelligence. Dynamically personalized email content improves CTRs (click through rates) drastically.

  1. Smart Batch Campaigns

Run smart promotional email campaigns instead of a generic blast. Persuade your email subscribers towards the purchase action by promoting categories and products they’re most inclined to. Create various user groups highlighting user behavior such as “signed up but did not make the first purchase in the last 30 days”, “viewed multiple products in a specific category over the last week but did not initiate the purchase”, “users with good frequency, monetary scores”, etc., and decide the next course of communicative action to be taken.
Quickly create various audiences from your subscriber base and deliver the personalized emails in matter of minutes. Achieve highest throughput even when sending millions of emails.

Personalized Website Banners

  1. Triggered Notifications

Trigger these banners based on pre-defined business rules. Define triggers based on the user’s behavioral attributes on the site such as time spent on the site, scroll depth, exit intent, and other events.

  1. Dynamic Personalization

Personalize the content in the banner based on user attributes, event attributes etc. Greet users with content that interests them based on demonstrated and predicted category affinities.

Push Notifications and In-App messaging

  1. Behavioral Segmentation & Personalization

Tailor the push message to the right audience group, and encourage them to visit your website. Create segments based on any custom user behavior or profile data or predictive intelligence or combine multiple parameters. Demography, Geo-targeting and Event Based segments help create meaningful user buckets. Engage with your users on a personal level. Address them by their names, include offers on their favorite products and give out unique coupon codes.

  1. Push Notification Styles

Supports all styles of push notifications, right from text and image based notifications   to carousel and audio/video ones.

Campaign Journey Builder

  1. Intuitive and Graphical Interface

Enjoy setting up intelligent campaigns with a highly intuitive, feature-rich and graphically appealing UI in the Campaign Journey Builder. Set rules and create complex campaigns in minutes.

Powerful Analytics

  1. Strong data insights

Powerful insights using funnel/cohort analysis, SQL queries, aggregations and path analysis made easily available in a comprehensive interface. Make data-informed decisions with Intuitive, easy-to-use analytics; iterate, enhance, and act fast to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. High scalability

Track exhaustive amounts of data to make optimal product and business decisions. Get multiple insights instantly without having to slow down employee productivity. Scale to billions of monthly events without sacrificing query performance.

  1. Predictive Analytics

Make data-science easier for your marketers. Build powerful models (regression, time series, etc.) using R/SQL on your Big Data. Use those insights to enable your marketing team to take informed business decisions by predicting future user activity. Improve customer experience and multiply revenue.


Gamooga Marketing Automation Karix

redBus witnessed 40% growth in brand value with Gamooga

Objective: redBus wanted to optimize its business operations and provide relevant offers to retain existing customers as well as continuously onboard new ones. Therefore, they sought a multichannel marketing communication solution to provide a better customer experience.

Karix Offering: redBus implemented Gamooga –Karix’s customer engagement software to help improve relevant offers. Gamooga provides a multichannel platform that interacts with redBus’s website, App, call center, etc. helping personalize such interactive experiences. Leveraging the customer data from multiple sources, and gathering insights using Gamooga’s powerful Analytics Suite, the marketing team created various customer segments and sent them highly relevant, personalized messages based on their travel habits, transaction value, preferences, app and on-site behavior. Thus, shifting from a campaign centric approach to an orchestrated customer centric approach.

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Objective: The e-tailer faced several challenges, including high cart abandonment rate, no traction from promotional mails, difficulty in cross-selling, up-selling products, or sharing customized offers, campaigns generating traffic to the site but no registrations. The e-tailer wanted a tool that could help the brand leverage customer data from multiple sources and gather insights that would help create content relevant to the target audience and their needs.

Karix Offering: Using the Second Screen Analytics Suite from Gamooga, the marketing team created various visitor segments thereby sending highly relevant, personalized messages to customers based on their buying habits, preferences and behavior. Thereby, changing the approach from blasting mass campaigns that didn't work as well to focusing on the customer and understanding how they can be better engaged. The impact on the bottom line has been huge: campaigns are now delivering five times the results of previous promotional campaigns.

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