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Reliable, Enterprise Grade E-Mail Services

E-mail is the most sought-after messaging channel for enterprises that send out message critical, content heavy & important customer communications on a regular basis. Karix boasts of an email delivery infrastructure that is known for high availability and can truly scale for customers who intend to dispatch high volume traffic.

Delight your customers with our Email Solutions

Integrate our business critical emailing solution with your application and delight your customers like never before. Whether it’s one time password (OTP) for user verification, authentication request or critical updates to your customers, our emailing platform is the solution for your business.

Email Marketing Services

OTP, Transactional alerts and Business Critical Messaging

Integrate our business-critical emailing solution with your application for OTP User Verification,  authentication requests or sending out critical updates to customers.

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Automated Emails

Automated batch emails with attachment

Set up automated batch email processing with attachments/embedded media for managing invoices, statements, reports etc. with our dependable & fail-proof APIs with zero integration effort.

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Sms Promotional Campaigns

Promotional Campaigns

Schedule and send out advance email campaigns connecting with our rich GUI

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How to automate sending emails ?

For any event-triggered emails, email services, transactional gateways can be integrated for designing automation touchpoints and campaign flow. Various automation platform can be used which have campaign journey builder functionality by email marketing. Gamooga can manage this in an expertise way.

What is email automation ?

Without any manual intervention, if any enterprise wants to send communication through email marketing tools as per some pre-decided conditions, then best email automation platform is required for email providers

Why email automation is important ?

Email automation is essential in this era to enhance customer experience. It helps in increasing various aspects like acquisition, retention and nurturing the leads. Email marketing saves time in the long run. It’s a scalable way to communicate with your audience. email marketing platforms allows you to deeply personalize your messages and measure your results with ease. Lastly it nicely complements other marketing channels.

How do you automate email ?

For any event-triggered emails, transactional gateways or email marketing software can be integrated. For designing email automation touchpoints and campaign flow, various email automation platform can be used which have campaign journey builder functionality.

How to send bulk emails automation ?

For any event-triggered email marketing, transactional gateways can be integrated. For designing email automation touchpoints and campaign flow, various email automation platform can be used which have campaign journey builder functionality. Gamooga is of the best email automation platform to use.

How to setup bulk email solutions ?

Campaign managers developed by any Email Service provider can be used for bulk email marketing. Karix bulk email marketing solution is highly capable of sending emails which may achieve high ROI.


Tata Motors With Karix Sms Solutions

Tata Motors Ensures a Smooth Ride with Karix SMS Solutions

Objective:  Enable a cost-efficient customer service program, Test drive and LMS program and market offerings and services using SMS as a communication channel

Karix Offering:  Implemented its middleware at their premises which is integrated with their Siebel CRM and configured automated SMS. Provided exclusive short code 5616161 for users to inquire. Send test drive schedule and contact to the potential lead.

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Karix Voice Solutions Mannkibaat

Mann Ki Baat Delivered On-Demand using Karix Voice Solution

Objective:  Facilitate Prime minister, initiative “Mann Ki Baat” on voice – the largest citizen outreach program in the world and ensure it is is more accessible and reaches a wider audience via mobile Karix Offering: Facilitated Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s unique initiative “Mann Ki Baat” via mobile. All a user had to do was to give a missed call on 1922 and hear the speech in various languages of their choice. Read more
Karix Voice Solutions Star Tv India

Star TV India Drives Viewer Participation with Karix Voice Solutions

Objective: To provide a FTEU (free to end user) real-time voting program for Star TV’s leading reality shows Karix Offering: Provided a voting and polling application via missed call services for Star TV’s reality shows like Nach Baliye, Dance+ & Dil Hai Hindustani. Read more
Karix Sms And Voice Solutions Hdfc Bank

HDFC Banks on Karix SMS & Voice Solutions for Real-time Customer Notifications

Objective: To enable automated real-time communication to its customers to inform them about the transactions undertaken on their bank accounts/credit cards and upsell other products/services

Karix Offering: Enabled automated real-time communication to its customers using SMS and Email APIs to inform them about the transactions and upsell other HDFC products. Our team also assisted HDFC to execute their campaigns.

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