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Leverage Progressive Web App Technology

Enterprises are witnessing higher engagements on apps due to push notifications and other engagement features. They are also witnessing lower revisit percentages, higher uninstall instances & memory consumption issues. With Karix push feed timelines, enterprises are able to tackle these challenges and provide their customers with a deeper and richer engagement experience.

Deeper Customer Engagement with Conversational UI

Karix’s ACTON platform can engage your customers with rich and actionable notifications by embedding transactional buttons within messages, communicate alerts, offers and enable bill payments.



Auto push or define schedules for in-app pop-ups, interstitials, banners and interactive push notifications that support rich media. A messaging platform that can be used for various used cases like revenue, information, polling, contests and Segmentation by location & tagging.

Actionable Buttons

Actionable Buttons in Messages

Engage with actionable promotions and notifications with Call for ACTION buttons that can be adapted & customized with every notification and outcome. These buttons could be ‘Like’, ‘Pay’, 'Contact me', etc.

Feedback And Surveys

Feedback & Surveys

Create surveys for capturing customer response at various touch points varying from retail store experience or online buying experience, call center or installation experience.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Connect to Payment Gateway providers with the platform APIs for seamless buying experience initiated from the notifications itself.

Chat Functionality

Chat Functionality

A secure and private medium to form purposeful and professional workgroups or to share ideas and tasks securely among a closed group of people.

Project Management

Project Management

Intelligent process execution that acquires data from various integrated databases and applies that information for the execution of another desired outcome.

Karix The Best Marketing Automation Platform

Get a start with ACTON – Actionable messaging + Business Process Engine

  • As Convenient as Chatting: Conversational interface that is built on progressive web app technology
  • Commands in Reply Message: Ability to issue commands through messages. For example ‘&BAL’ will fetch your account balance.
  • No Limitations on Type of Content: Ability to embed images, video and document.
  • No Compromises on Security: Secure communication like OTP, account number and so on can be protected by a password.
  • Seamless API support: Supports a rich set of restful APIs to send and receive messages. The APIs are simple to use and can be accessed over the internet (cloud) for ubiquitous access.
  • Legible. Presentable. Useful.: Messages are always formatted and presentable. This is especially useful when communicating promotional content, presenting a bill etc.


Tata Motors With Karix Sms Solutions

Tata Motors Ensures a Smooth Ride with Karix SMS Solutions

Objective:  Enable a cost-efficient customer service program, Test drive and LMS program and market offerings and services using SMS as a communication channel

Karix Offering:  Implemented its middleware at their premises which is integrated with their Siebel CRM and configured automated SMS. Provided exclusive short code 5616161 for users to inquire. Send test drive schedule and contact to the potential lead.

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Karix Voice Solutions Mannkibaat

Mann Ki Baat Delivered On-Demand using Karix Voice Solution

Objective:  Facilitate Prime minister, initiative “Mann Ki Baat” on voice – the largest citizen outreach program in the world and ensure it is is more accessible and reaches a wider audience via mobile Karix Offering: Facilitated Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s unique initiative “Mann Ki Baat” via mobile. All a user had to do was to give a missed call on 1922 and hear the speech in various languages of their choice. Read more
Karix Voice Solutions Star Tv India

Star TV India Drives Viewer Participation with Karix Voice Solutions

Objective: To provide a FTEU (free to end user) real-time voting program for Star TV’s leading reality shows

Karix Offering: Provided a voting and polling application via missed call services for Star TV’s reality shows like Nach Baliye, Dance+ & Dil Hai Hindustani.

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Karix Sms And Voice Solutions Hdfc Bank

HDFC Banks on Karix SMS & Voice Solutions for Real-time Customer Notifications

Objective: To enable automated real-time communication to its customers to inform them about the transactions undertaken on their bank accounts/credit cards and upsell other products/services Karix Offering: Enabled automated real-time communication to its customers using SMS and Email APIs to inform them about the transactions and upsell other HDFC products. Our team also assisted HDFC to execute their campaigns. Read more

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