Enable Instant Interactive, Automated Conversations with Chatbot

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Enable Instant Interactive, Automated Conversations with Chatbot

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Next-generation Direct Response system in a Bot

89% of consumers want to engage in conversation with virtual assistants to quickly find information instead of searching through web pages or a mobile app on their own. Chatbot has transformed the way enterprisers attend to user & system-initiated requests, worldwide. The Karix chatbot solution allows you to deliver an on-demand, consistent, chat-like experience of interacting with a support representative without any actual human intervention.

Enhance your Customer Engagement with Karix Chatbot

Karix chatbot allows you to eliminate information clutter & comes with a seamless integration process for installation on mobile or desktop. Here are some of the use-cases where Karix chatbot can assist your business.

Processes Automation

Attend to user & system-initiated requests, provide product recommendations based on need, process orders, track order or raise requests on orders. Automate internal employee training with chatbot that support storytelling.

Offers & Coupons

Send personalized offers based on your consumer’s purchase history & loyalty levels.


Referral Programs

Run programs by sharing links or codes for online & offline referrals.
Gratify your customers with offers to promote referrals.

Customer Support

Provide customer service assistance & post purchase support for returns, information exchange, refund status updates, warranty activation & repair services.

Loyalty Programs

Provide your customers with information on their loyalty levels, points earned, redemption options or links & relationship history.

Geo Marketing & Store Locators

Based on your customer’s geo location or pin code information, enable discovery and increase footfalls.
Extend directional support with map location. Offer promotions based on customer location.

Product Information

Share product specifications & variations (high value goods like furniture, electronics, etc.) in the form of brand or product updates & brochures with rich personalised content. Send inventory updates & availability status or accept advance orders for out of stock products.


Allow your customers to share their service experience or collect market insights. Run survey or opinion polls for capturing customer feedback and data.

In-shop Experience

Provide in-store assistance and navigation to guide your customers to the right section in large stores by sharing floorplans with indications.

Highly Customizable and Scalable Capabilities

Brand Customisation: Support for branding with theme, font and corporate info personalisation.

Actionable Buttons: Commands and buttons to enhance & analyse customer journey.

Image/Form Upload: Ability to capture feedback/response using forms. Users can also upload images by taking pictures or from the gallery.

Open Integration: Integrate your internal applications in the flow for personalised and on demand information.

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