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Email Solutions FAQs


What are the 4 types of marketing emails?

Email marketing is the essential and very authentic way of marketing. there are 4 types of email marketing present:
1. Newsletter
2. Promotional
3. Acquisition
4. Retention

What are the prerequisites to learn email solutions

Email marketing helps us to get database/ target audience capture organically. Email communication mailer should be designed as per email marketing industry best practices.


1. Welcoming a new subscriber
2. Automated Campaign Flow
3. Reengagement Email Example
4. Cart Abandonment Trigger
5. Limited Time Sales Email
6. Milestone Dates Sign-up Form

What is email automation platform

A stand-alone email automation platform can be used to define the touchpoints where email communication and email services will be triggered as per rule. The Email marketing platform will manage all end-to-end activity regarding this campaign.

What is email gateway solutions

Email transactional gateway like APIs, SMTP, FTP can be used to trigger event-based emails as well as bulk push GUI and bulk email marketing services can be used for promotional email communication.