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Secure messaging with Verified SMS

Businesses need a secure way to share critical information and updates with their customers. More often than not, customers miss out on relevant messages due to spam and hoax messages cluttering their SMS inbox. Google’s Verified Messaging provides a safe and trustworthy channel for businesses to engage customers and keep the conversation going on SMS.

Why choose Google Verified SMS?

With Verified SMS you will be able to engage customers in a more trusted and secured manner. Protect them from prevalent scam and fraudulent activities that happen over SMS.

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Unique Brand Identity

Get a distinct brand identity to develop a recall and trust with customers.

Notify One 01Brand Profile Information

Use the brand profile to share more information about your business with your customers

Two Way Messaging 01Verification Badge

Deliver a trusted and secured experience to your customers

Optplus 1Flag Spam Messages

Make it easy for customers to identify messages coming from unverified sources and mark them as spam

Optplus 1Fraud Detection and Control

Rely on Google Verified SMS to detect and prevent fraudulent activities associated with your business

One channel, multiple use-cases

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Make it easier for your customers to verify their mobile number for online orders.

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Share Offers

Shared special offers and loyalty information with registered customers regularly.

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Alerts and notifications

Share account balance information, tracking details, product details and much more.

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Customer support

Provide automated customer support and information on demand.

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