Mumbai-based messaging solution and mobile engagement company— Karix Mobile (formerly known as mGage India) has announced the launch of its cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) –

The platform was showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 26 – March 1, 2018) and would initially offer programmable SMS APIs that can be integrated into applications by software developers and businesses, to programmatically send messages across 200 plus countries.

“With rapid proliferation of mobile application and web-based services, customers are no longer restricted to nearby geographies, but expand across cities and countries. To service and communicate with a global customer base, businesses have a growing need for reliable and scalable communications partners. With, businesses and developers with no skills in telecom can build state-of-the-art applications that are capable of sending automated messages such as transaction notifications, billing information, renewal messages, feedback etc. to customers across 200 plus countries,” said CEO of Karix, Jay Sheth in a statement.

While will initially offer only inbound and outbound SMS APIs, the platform has a roadmap to offer services such as voice and video as well.

“We have made significant investments in the latest cloud technologies to make this platform enterprise grade, secure, scalable and ensuring 99.995% availability. We have arrangements with over 800 plus operators across the globe to ensure that there is enough redundancy built into the network,” Deepak Goyal, COO at Karix added in the statement.

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