Segment And Retarget

Segment & Retarget

With smart SMS campaigns

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Designed to Deliver

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Personalized campaigns

to the end recipients that land on content rich pages that have hyper personalized content based on multiple matrices.

Suggested Replies Make Engagement Even Easier

Retarget messages

Retarget users with personalized and relevant content to drive sales based on predictive models.

Built In Email Filter And Auto Corrector 01

Track Delivery status

SMS Open/Read Statistics, Click through rate by mobile number.


Track SMS

that has been shared on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or similar sharing channels.

Audio Conference Solution

Track user journey

behavior from the time of clicking the SMS to every page that the user visits there on.

Powerful Analytics


 on how many users accessed using Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Desktop with specific handset models to help derive purchasing power.

Email Marketing Reporting

Statistical data

by hour of the day, day of the week, week of the month, repeat visitors for planning campaigns on the most effective period.


Transactional alerts

Transactional Alerts
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Information on Demand

Information on Demand
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Promotional SMSPromotional Sms
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User Verification (OTP)
User Verification (OTP)
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