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Karix’s Voice Voting Solution

After spending a huge deal on resources and execution for your media campaign, you want a reliable way to get your viewers engaged and let them feel involved. With Karix’s voting solution, we assure the ability to scale to deliver a superior customer experience.

What Karix Offers

Our solution is designed to deliver at scale

Voice Solutions Icons 1 1 Unique Vanity NumbersUnique Vanity/ Non-Vanity numbers (Virtual number or Toll Free number)

Voice Solutions Icons 02 One VoteProgrammed logic as per
your requirement

Voice Solutions Icons 03 Unmatched CapacityUnmatched capacity to support your requirement

Voice Solutions Icons 06 Sms PushAcknowledge your 
users' votes through an SMS response

Voice Solutions Icons 07 Real Time ReportingAnalyze user votes through
real-time reporting

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