02 Mannkibaat Mobile

"Mann Ki Baat" Delivered On-demand Using Karix Voice Solutions

About NIC

National Informatics Centre (NIC) was established in 1976, and has since grown with tremendous momentum to become one of India’s major science and technology organization, promoting informatics led development.

This has helped to usher in the required transformation in the government to ably meet the challenges of the new & digitally advanced millennium. NIC is the “prime builder" of e-Government/e-Governance applications as well as a promoter of digital opportunities for sustainable development.

NIC provides nationwide common ICT infrastructure to support e-Governance services, products and solutions designed to address e-Governance initiatives, major e-Governance projects, state/UT informatics Support and district level services.

NIC’s Objective

Facilitate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative “Mann Ki Baat” on voice – the largest citizen outreach program in the world

Ensure that the PM’s address is more accessible and reaches a wider audience, via the most ubiquitous medium i.e. mobile

The Karix Solution

Riding triumphantly on the digital wave that has the citizens in its grip across the nation, Karix enables citizens to listen to the Prime Minister’s Mann ki Baat address over a voice call.

The session can be requested by citizens on their phones by giving a missed call on 1922. The user receives an outbound call, triggered from the Karix voice platform within milliseconds of the missed call on 1922.

Citizens also have the option of choosing the language of their preference (English, Hindi, default language for the user circle or select from a list of other languages). The speech is rendered in the language of choice on the voice call and is further saved for the user as their default language to avoid the user from going through the entire process of language selection on the future calls that the he/she requests.

It is the largest communication outreach program in the world and its delivery at such a massive scale is made possible by Karix’s robust platform and its technical delivery capabilities. Karix has a dedicated 3000+ channels capacity setup that accepts pre-call-notification (PCN) based missed calls and a 10,000+ channels capacity setup to handle outbound calling.


26 Million
Registered unique user base.
06 Million
Missed calls recieved in a day - highest for a campaign
1.5 Miliion
Outbound calls pushed in a day - highest for a campaign
60 Million
Unique missed call hits recieved in a month
360+ Million
Billing pulse (15s) per month

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