Two Way Messaging

Two-Way Messaging

Engage audiences in an interactive communication

Features of Two-way messaging.

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  • Self-Care interface to define your own rules for integration and process automation at any time you like.
  • Set-up different rules based on the first word (Keyword) with specific instructions that would initiate a business process.
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Customer Service & reporting

  • Instantly send an SMS auto-response to the initiator each time a SMS message is received.
  • Forward the received SMS contents to an E-mail recipient, Mobile numbers or even as a voice call instantly to assign someone for the query.
  • Receive messages from anywhere in the world on a single number so that you are always listening to your customers queries or requests.
  • View reports of messages received over an UI and the delivery status of responses triggered.
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Tools and Engines

  • SMS messaging tool; ideal for SMS voting and surveys, competitions, sending updates and alerts, collecting subscriber data and much more.
  • Robust forwarding engine that can call webhooks, webservices or any APIs including your CRM, Helpdesk, Core Banking system, Core System etc.


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