OTP Plus for SMS User Verification



Best in Class Infrastructure

  • Active data centres for accepting messages across two geographical sites.
  • Redundant infrastructure on a private cloud providing higher control.
  • Tier III datacentre infrastructure on which a private cloud is setup

Optimal Network

  • Redundant ISP providers for higher uptime with multi-cast across the two networks.
  • Private MPLS extensions to institutions that need  lowest Latency levels

Robust Operator Connectivity

  • Over 20,000+ dedicated OTP TPS running at less than 30% capacity for handling peak load.
  • Special operator SMPP connections with specially configured expiry, retry and priority escalation for highest delivery.

Sophisticated Security

  • Application certified with PT, CERTIN, OSTMM3, OWASP etc by security agencies to comply to high security standards.
  • Data encryption at rest based on customer specific encryption key.
  • Data encryption for data in transit within private network for improved security.
  • IP Authentication support for additional security.
  • Two-step verification for accessing services on the GUI for added security to make changes to the application configurations.

Advanced Application Features

  • Wide range of integration options on almost all protocols including SMPP, SMTP, FTP, sFTP, HTTP or HTTPs on QS, JSON, XML, SOAP etc
  • Redundant components designed for horizontal on-demand scale.
  • Support for sending interim delivery reports for every retry to originator for notifying status of every message
  • Auto-retry when delivery reports do not receive the platform within X number of seconds
  • Multi-Channel retry support when SMS does not deliver auto retry over Voice channel
  • Support for sending SMS, Voice and Email notification over a single API interface

Routing Mechanism

  • Configurability of retry policy based on operator error codes with number of retries, retry interval for each retry, validity period for each retry.
  • Special routing mechanism based on Operator, Series, network, country, sender ID, account, mobile number.
  • Cross pulling capabilities when age of a message expires more than 2 seconds inside single queue for auto correct mechanism.

Powerful Reporting

  • Real-time graphical user reporting for tracking number OTP generated and delivered.
  • Historic report information for tracking performance by country, network, account etc.
  • Trending reports across a period of time to check performance deviations from benchmark
  • Latency based reporting per SMS attempt.
  • Selfcare search, log download, matrices review, custom reporting support etc
  • System notification support for alerting users on hour by hour performance reporting.

Seamless Monitoring and Support

  • Phone, Email and Chat support segregated for OTP traffic for faster resolution.
  • 24/7 monitoring, NOC and support team for ensured premium support
  • Customer ticket tracking portal for checking resolution status for customers across multiple portals.



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